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Jillann Champlin was born in Cleveland, Ohio on October 15, 1975. She moved with her parents and older brother, Brian, to Tampa, Florida when she was 8 years old where she was raised.

After graduating from King High School, Jillann gave birth to her first son, Adam, in 1995 and decided to move back to Cleveland, Ohio in 2000 where she married and had 3 more children. 

After 9 years of marriage, her husband joined the military leaving Jillann to raise her 4 children alone. The youngest, her daughter Rachel, being 2 years old, her twin boys, Logan and Connor, being 5 years old, and her oldest, Adam being 13 years old. 

Jillann, needing to find work of her own, decided to become a school bus driver. She worked for the Berea City School District for 10 years before suffering a neck injury that required major surgery, causing her to put in her notice. 

Jillann moved back to Tampa, Florida with her children where her parents were able to help out while she continued recovering from her injuries. 

Today, Jillann still lives in the Tampa area. She has found great joy in narrating audiobooks, bringing life to the pages, and creating the personalities of the characters with their individual voices. 

She continues to strive to learn as much as she can in the art of narration and hopes, one day, to be able to join one of the "Big Five" publishing companies to further her career.  

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