I'm on my mark, I'm set, so here I Go!

Hello! My name is JillAnn! Whew, I have to say, I'm pretty excited. Not only am I learning something new every single day....I found it guys!!! My absolute DREAM career! I can't even call it a job! That used to somehow be a 4 letter word to me (with only 3 letters!!!!)

I have begun. I have my sound booth all set. I took the first step and started my demos for voice over acting, and I even have my own tech guy who's decided to join me in my super endeavor of bringing words to life!

I have decided to help the world! I want to help YOU multi-task! You can't drive your vehicle while reading a super cool book, can you? At least, I hope you don't! What about that boring room that needs to be brought back to life with a fresh new coat of paint? Well, I'll tell you what...I'll help you out!

All you have to do is put on your headphones, or earbuds, whatever your preference, and I will bring a story to life for you while you work! It will help whatever it is you're doing go by that much quicker!

Welp, that's the plan! Wish me luck!

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