My first offer!

I got it! I got my first narration offer! I am so excited! I think my first reaction was disbelief! I was so happy, I actually cried!

This has been a life long dream job! To get an offer on my very first audition within the first 24 hours?? WHAAAAT!!!!! Thank you Lord!!!!! Wooo-Hoooo! I was a hot mess when I was emailing Ms. Ben letting her know that I would accept the part, that I actually referred to her by another name! AAAHHHHH!!!! (so professional, 🤦🏻‍♀️)

I submitted my audition on May 4 and was offered the job on May 5!!

So be sure to look for it’s release!! It’s called “A Divine Revelation of Angels” written by Mary K. Baxter with L. T. Lowery!

The ebook is already in print! I’m currently narrating the audiobook! I’ll let you know when it’s release date will be as soon as I find out!

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